Graham Ouwerkerk

Graham is a graduate of the Masters in Architecture program at the University of Calgary. Graham joined the firm in 2017 as an Intern Architect and applys his passion for design and architecture towards a wide range of unique and exciting projects within the firm. 

Graham is a highly skilled architect who strives to utilize architecture to shape the world we live for the better. This involves designing spaces which not only function efficiently but are also designed using sustainable practices and place the health and wellness of the building’s users at the forefront. Graham places great importance on the client and is effective at reflecting the client highest desires in terms of building programming, aesthetics’ and in keeping with the budget. All resulting in amazing design that meet design needs for his clients. 

Graham also has a strong belief in his responsibility as an architect to design buildings with the greatest respect and concern for the natural world. To that end he endeavours whenever possible to employ sustainable design elements into every project. Whether this means integrating renewable energy sources such as photovoltaic panels into a building’s façade or instilling the principles of biophilic design. Biophilic design is architectural design, which integrates in elements of the natural world, such as natural daylight, natural materials, color, or water throughout a building. Consequently, Graham seeks to create a pleasant synergy between the built form and the environment. Graham also provides a great deal of attention to a proposed designs site and context. To him, every site offers unique features, conditions and opportunities; all of which must be holistically considered to drive the design towards a unique and sustainable outcome. 

Graham is also excited to employ new technologies into his architectural design. This can range from utilizing new software’s that better allow the client to understand the project, to researching new building materials, to utilizing new building methods or structural advances. All of which can offer unique advantages for the project. As the world changes, architecture and design must also change. Thus, Graham hopes to use his talents to create new and unique structures that cause one to re-think the bounds of what is possible. Ideally creating new architectural form, which is not only technologically advanced and beautiful aesthetically, but is also efficient, sustainable, and above all, a finely tuned to suite the buildings users. 

AAA, Passive House Certified Designer, LEED AP


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