Location: Lomond, AB

Year: 2009 - 2011

Status: Complete

Type: Commercial

Client: Gartly

Southern Alberta Bible Camp (SABC) is located on the shores of the
Travers Reservoir is only a few kilometres from Little Bow Provincial Park.
From 1981 to 2010 SABC served up to 1700 campers per season out of
its lodge facility which began construction in 1979. Since 1993 SABC’s
facilities have been augmented with the development of a Frontier
The village, and since 1994 with teepee facilities. During the off-season
SABC is booked most weekends with rental groups.
In 2009, due to inadequate capacity to accommodate demand, Alvin
Reinhard Fritz Architect Inc. (ARFAI) was engaged to develop plans for
expansion at SABC. ARFAI prepared a preliminary schematic design
that demonstrated how SABC could be expanded while keeping the
original lodge facility available throughout the construction process.
This allowed SABC to maintain its vital ministry as the project was
developed and constructed.
The architectural form and character for the project is based on Prairie
The architecture features an open heavy timber truss structure finished
in rock, cementitious siding and exterior grade heavy timber. This
aesthetic solution was selected to provide an appropriate Canadian
Prairie Architecture design that is optimal for a prairie lake setting.
The Executive Director at SABC is Jon Gartly, who, with his wife
Melissa has been actively involved with SABC since 1990. Jon, in
conjunction with the building committee for SABC, collaborated closely
with ARFAI to provide a comprehensive functional program that ARFAI
used to create the project design. This collaboration resulted in a project
which is more than any single entity could have conceived. ARFAI is
proud to have contributed professional services for this exciting and
meaningful project.

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