Immanuel Lutheran

Location: Lethbridge, AB

Year: 2005

Status: Complete

Type: Worship

Client: ​Immanuel Lutheran Church

Located on the west side of Lethbridge in a vibrant growing
community, Immanuel Lutheran Church established a new
facility to accommodate the growing needs of its congregation.
This church provided the greatest amount of volunteerism,
donated material, and input that ARFAI has experienced in 20
years of practice.
The installation of the rock façade provided excitement as
church members including elderly women, and children
worked together under Principal Architect Alvin Fritz, who
led the crew from his background as a masonry foreman.
Community members were also enticed to join, one with
masonry knowledge that assisted in the leadership. The
realization of the project is a stellar example of generosity,
community spirit, teamwork, and volunteerism accomplishing
a dream. This massing of the building was designed as three
intersecting pyramids. The northeast houses the sanctuary,
and the southwest the fellowship hall. The central pyramid
houses the narthex and allows access from either pyramid.
The 3 intersecting pyramid forms, interdependent yet unique
components represent the Trinity.
Collaboration with strong, capable client representation
afforded a very functional space that is true to the Lutheran
tradition down to the sacred space called the chancel within
the sanctuary. Measuring up and providing as-built drawings
for the historic Casavant organ previously installed at their
Sixth Avenue building in 1954, and providing the necessary
infrastructure for its successful installation in the new building,
presented an interesting design challenge.

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