Black Rock Terrace

Location: Calgary, AB

Year: 2015-2017

Status: Complete

Type: Senior Facilities

Client: Coslovi

The Black Rock Terrace, a Green Acres Foundation project, was designed in close collaboration with Client representatives and most notably, Dawna Coslovi, CEO of Green Acres Foundation. The siting of the project effectively creates a triad of buildings with the Green Acres Foundation’s Pemmican Lodge sited opposite, and their Administrative offices at the entrance to the court formed by the two senior’s Lodges.

The four-story wood frame structure has a full parkade below the building thereby reducing the amount of parking at grade and creating a more residential and intimate exterior environment. This allows for more landscaping, and more opportunities for the users to inhabit the exterior and interact socially with residents and the public of the adjacent museum and senior’s residences. The building accommodates 140 residential suites (each with a bedroom, lounge, bathroom, kitchenette, and storage closet) together with communal facilities on the main floor.

Working directly with the client, the architectural team undertook extensive on- site reviews of similar facilities in other provinces to analyze the critical inter- relationships so important within this type of facility. This assisted in clearly establishing the client’s aspirations, goals and architectural taste, and formed a good basis for the development of a detailed Architectural Program. ARFAI also assisted the Client in the review and selection of the Construction Manager for the project.

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