Location: Edmonton, AB

Year: 2013-2016

Status: Complete

Type: Senior Facilities

Client: South Country Village

Heritage Heights is located on the east side of the South Country Village site just north of the Medicine Hat Airport. The four storey condominium is designed and constructed to meet and exceed Building Code requirements. It features an underground concrete parkade which offers residents secure and covered parking year-round, as well as two elevators which reduce wait times during peak operation. A total of 61 residential suites ranging from one to two bedrooms are finished with high quality, low maintenance materials, and provide residents with views of the Cypress Hills and a beautifully landscaped courtyard. The Heritage Heights facility utilizes some of the construction industries most energy efficient design concepts. The majority of the heating and cooling capacity required by the building is accomplished via geo-exchange engineering.  Geo-exchange utilizes the Earth's constant ground temperature to control the building temperature. In addition, the building also benefits from solar collectors on the roof that assist in minimizing the electrical demand of the building. Not only do these systems promote a more energy efficient and sustainable building, they also provide residents with reduced utility costs. As an added benefit, the Heritage Heights condo provides a link to the existing South Country Village Garden Apartments by creating an interior connection. This connection gives Heritage Heights residents the freedom of independent living, with the ability to access the other services offered by South Country Village.

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