Location: Medicine Hat, AB

Year: 2009

Status: Complete

Type: Multi-Family Development

Client:  Ewasechko

Having discovered an effective design synergy during the
development of the Courtyard Centre, Dr. Kirk Ewasechko and
Alvin Fritz maintained an ongoing relationship over the years.
When it came time to envision an expansion of Kirk and Bonnie
Ewasechko’s residence, ARFAI was engaged to collaborate with
the Ewasechko’s to create a truly remarkable design.
As the Ewasechko’s daughters were maturing in the family home,
it had become evident that some renovations were required to
effectively accommodate active lifestyles. ARFAI had assisted
with these changes, effectively providing ergonomic environments
providing for the girls through their teen years.
Now arrived the opportunity for wholesale expansion, Kirk and
Bonnie who have always loved clean and modern lines, had a
vision for a dynamic expansion that would provide a very unique
the expression on their riverfront home. Fully glazed walls opening
onto an expansive deck and balcony areas overlooking the river
frontage provides an unprecedented interface between home and

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