Eagles Nest

Location: Eagles Nest, AB

Year: 2012

Status: Complete

Type: Recreational

Client: YWAM EN

Eagles Nest Ranch is a summer camp and year-round retreat
the centre which offers various activities designed to provide
challenges and excitement. Alvin Fritz has been involved with
Eagles Nest Ranch since its inception and was able to input on the
the overall design and philosophical approach to the project from the
Eagles Nest Ranch is located in the beautiful and picturesque
Cypress Hills which are historically known by “First Nations” as the
weather breeding grounds. The Cypress Hills are geographically
unique and harbour 􀃀 ora and fauna species that are not present
again in North America until latitudes in California.
The layout of the Ranch follows the original Master Plan created
by ARFAI with clusters of cabins providing housing for campers,
couples retreat, and staff as the need arises. A central lodge
provides a central gathering spot for campers and staff alike, and
provides central washroom facilities, a substantive kitchen, outdoor
swimming pool, and large hot tub environment.
The “Old West” architectural form and character of the Ranch is
Canadiana combined with a rustic mining motif. This aesthetic is
beyond “Cowboy Western” which makes the Ranch memorable for
its interest and intrigue.
The mission at Eagles Nest Ranch is to meet the emotional,
physical, and spiritual needs of campers and visitors. The Ranch
uses exciting and creative methods to give campers the opportunity
to meet with Jesus and experience the three C’s of camping- Care,
Community and Challenge. The staff at Eagle’s Nest Ranch model
the core values of Excellence, Nurture and Righteousness.
Alvin Reinhard Fritz Architect Inc. is proud to have Eagles Nest
Ranch and its portfolio of camp design, and is pleased that the
president of Eagles Nest Ranch, Wes Reinheller, provides a solid
reference for architectural services provided for the facility since its

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