Lethbridge Christian

Location: Lethbridge, AB

Year: 2012

Status: Completed

Type: Educational

Client: LCC

The design for the Lethbridge Christian School was based on
the layout of the Jennie Emery Elementary School designed
previously by Alvin Fritz Architect Inc. in the County of
Lethbridge. ARFAI found the layout at Jennie Emery to be so
effective and admired that they incorporated many of those
effective elements in the Lethbridge Christian School design.
The circulation was structured around a centralized gym which
worked effectively with the building’s massing as the scale of
the building stepped down to the classrooms, ancillary and
support spaces at the building periphery.
A benefi t of the classroom design was that an alcove was able
to be incorporated into the room which provided additional
amenity for each of the student areas.
A student gathering space was also provided allowing for a
similar opportunity to engage students in a group setting but on
a school wide basis.
One of the most effective pre-emptive elements of design at
the Lethbridge Christian School was the ability to expand the
gymnasium. Due to cost savings through economical design
ARFAI was able to ensure that the north wall of the gym was
constructed in panelized construction such that it could be
readily removed and the gym could be doubled in size in the
An attractive library with a bonus space in the form of a
mezzanine further allowed the school to benefi t from the ability
to stack space leveraging the budget to maximize the fl oor
area while creating a bonus space that could be enjoyed by
teachers and students alike.
The attractive massing which scales down to the perimeter,
and the gables which resulted from the classroom alcoves,
create an attractive and highly functional school effectively
serving its constituents.

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