Location: Edmonton, AB

Year: 2014-2016

Status: Complete

Type: Multi-Family Development

Client: Norland

Charles Roland Daniel and his family arrived in Lethbridge in 1905.
In 1907 land was purchased outside the City limits (east of the
Dominion Experimental Farm), and construction on the three-story
mansion began. It was to be completed in 1910. It was a mail-order
house built from plans from a Lumberman’s catalogue. The lumber
was pre-cut, numbered, and shipped by railway to the dairy farm to
be assembled. The design included new at that time innovations
including generated power supply, indoor plumbing, and built-in
vacuum system. It served them and their family for several years.
After passing through several owners, it was purchased by Al &
Karen Fritz in the early 1990s to be used as their residence and
to offer boardroom space for Alvin Reinhard Fritz Architect Inc.
The years of various owners and neglect were apparent, and a
consuming restoration project was undertaken to bring it back to its
former glory years. Today, the Norland has included a luxury bed &
breakfast to its roster.
Great care and attention has been applied in ensuring that the
historic details of the residence are accurately refl ected in the fi nal
form. Restoration work has been applied to the heavily corbelled
brick chimneys which were physically rebuilt by Alvin as his formal
trade skills include extensive experience in the fi eld of Masonry.
Other features which have been restored include the front verandah
detailing, the column bases, and interior structural work.

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