The low-rise condominium project adjacent to the Saskatoon Full Gospel Church was thoughtfully designed with the consultation of the community of Churchill Gardens. The massing of the wings was configured to avoid producing large shadows on the neighboring lots. Density is centralized on the site, offering beautiful landscaping to the benefit of the surrounding neighborhood. With the collaboration of Timko Developments Ltd., the City of Saskatoon and ARFAI, synergy was achieved in such a way that individuals originally opposing the condominium project eventually purchased suites in this successful adult community.

The simplicity of condo living became a well received option for many who wished to remain in their familiar neighborhood. The spacious amenity core features a grand entrance and staircase, creating an uncrowded and open feeling for residents and visitors. Amenities include a games room, craft room, fitness center, hot tub, commercial kitchen, and multipurpose room with dance floor. Phase Two of construction includes an outdoor garden amenity featuring patios, a firepit, and picnic shelter. Underground parking provides a value added luxury, while eliminating the need for large parking lots at grade.

The success of the project is achieved through well planned and implemented design ideas of the entire team. The stakeholders, the community, the builder and consultants achieved collaboration making Churchill Gardens a beneficial and beautiful contribution to the community.

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