Lethbridge, Alberta

Pratt & Whitney, a global aerospace leader headquartered in Longueil, Quebec, is guiding the way in business, general and regional aviation, as well as helicopters and APU’s. “Flight is an engine for human progress.”

There was a desire to redesign the Lethbridge, Alberta facility in character and keeping with the present-day standards of Pratt & Whitney. In 2016, we were tasked with achieving these objectives. Pratt & Whitney has a unique aesthetic given its correlation to the highly technical work that they perform in the aerospace industry. The interior detailing was designed to reflect the corporate vision and mission statement. Additionally, defining the installation and implementation of the high-tech security system for the building was key to meet the increased security requirements.

Pratt & Whitney prides itself in their technical work and showcases the engines it produces as an aesthetic accomplishment. The interior design is in keeping with this vision. The colour palette was selected to complement the high-tech approach to their engine design. The materiality consists of glass and stainless steel, creating a contemporary, clean aesthetic, commensurate with their vision.