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Henry and Carolyn Doeve found a beautiful site for their home immediately west of the Land-O-Lakes Golf and Country Club just outside of Coaldale. Since the time of their land purchase, the site has been annexed into the community following the suggestions of the Integrated Design Strategy produced under the direction of Alvin Reinhard Fritz Architect Inc. (ARFAi) a few years earlier.

Working collaboratively with Henry and Carolyn was one of the most rewarding design experiences in a thirty-year career. Both had design ideas that made their way into the final details of the residence, and both had strong investments in every room. The kitchen detailing included many customized entities very specific to the Doeve household; from the height of the island, which was perfectly calibrated to accommodate bread making, to the exceptional pantry environment that allows for all of the production aspects to be out of the way yet ergonomically accessible. The garage was fitted with slab drops to ensure all of the moisture off of vehicles was contained and drained away. A custom stained glass creation by Madison Reamsbottom provides a primary aesthetic feature. The design uniquely reflects Doeve's lifestyle and design sense.