site plan


Lethbridge, Alberta

The Elim Society for Senior Citizens Care mission states that it “supports the well-being of residents by providing safe, comfortable housing in a loving community guided by Christian principles and values”. They based their name on the place of rest that is described in Exodus 15:27 where they point out that this was a pleasant place of respite. Having this commitment to a Christian environment, we are reminded of Leviticus 19:32, where it says, “Thou shalt rise up before the hoary head and honour the face of the old man, and fear thy God: I am the LORD.” This verse, and Christianity itself, speaks to respecting and honouring our seniors.

Elim Village collaborated effectively with Alvin Reinhard Fritz Inc. (ARFAi) in producing architecture which promotes a sense of self-worth and dignity to those aged family members who call it home, through the  entrance creating first impressions, amenity spaces, architectural finishes and exterior.

Elim also responded by ensuring that the amenities and the social spaces were well-appointed and adequate to encourage and nurture an active and healthy lifestyle for residents.

Meals and the opportunity to socialize during these times in a beautiful environment, spilling outdoors into biophilic context, help contribute to their health and well-being, speaking to the honour bestowed upon the residents.

The most important aspect of Elim, also honouring the resident,  is the suite design. The residents speak endearingly about the suites because this is the space they ultimately call home. While all the amenities, the entrance and the building all speak to this concept, none is as important as the suites in which they live. The finest feature of the facility is the detailed attention to suite design and amenities.

In close collaboration with ARFAi, Elim was able to effectively meet the needs within their budget and honour their seniors with a respectable and dignified environment nurturing self-respect and dignity.