Lake County, British Columbia

Alvin Reinhard Fritz Architect Inc. was selected to design one of the first resort developments on Wood Lake in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia. Emerald Beach Villas is located at 3570 Woodsdale Road in Lake Country B.C. on the axis of the lake central to the southern shore affording spectacular views to the panoramic lake scenery. The six-mile Wood Lake connects by canal to the north to the ten-mile-long Lake Kalamalka which being interpreted is named the Lake of Many Colours.


In order to maximize the view potential of each suite, resort-style architecture was applied and a saw-toothed configuration ensures that every suite is oriented to spectacular views focused on the beautiful lake scenery. A single-loaded corridor design ensures that absolutely every suite is focused on the central amenity courtyard and on the water of the lake beyond while also providing for access from attached garages.  The temperate climate of the Okanagan Valley allowed the corridors to be open-air further emulating the resort-style design.  At the apex of the design, a centrally located amenity provides for a welcoming entrance to the development and also provides for lake views from the amenity zone and the entrance to the development.