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Lethbridge, Alberta

Alvin Fritz and his wife Karen discovered a mid-century house located on Parkside Drive in the beautiful Henderson Lake neighbourhood when they began searching for their new home. Upon their initial visit, they instantly perceived the potential.

On the east side of the residence, there was a breezeway leading through to the rear yard. Fritz immediately recognized an opportunity to expand the footprint of the house, thereby enlarging the kitchen and dining room. Historically, in the 1930s, a bylaw had been created that required an extensive side yard setback. The spacious side yard facilitated floor to ceiling windows that extended around the east corner of the south façade, embracing the ever-changing panorama of Henderson Lake.

The location of the residence is advantageous as perpetual views to the ever-changing visual sonata are always guaranteed. The beautiful new windows to the dining room have an original counterpoint in the pre-existing windows of the living room, also wrapping  around the corner of the house to the west, capturing equally exhilarating views to the lake and Nikka Yuko Gardens.

The renovations at 2825 Parkside Drive South have left an indelible impression on the neighbourhood and community.