Lethbride, Alberta

When a developer client came to Alvin Reinhard Fritz Architect Inc. (ARFAi), with a piece of land along a major connector in their city, to develop a full master-plan conceptual design, ARFAi stepped up to the challenge to produce several detailed designs. The site became the canvas for a flagship development featuring a genuinely green live/work community. 

Designed with input from the City Design Review Committee and in collaboration with a forward thinking client, this project features a blended mixed use community offering commercial space at street level, office and support space on the second and living suites on the third for much of its built environment. At the heart of the project, Harvest Village will offer a functional water feature for recreational activities in the summer months which will serve as an outdoor skating rink in the winter sustained by geoexchange. The square is punctuated with an amphitheatre/band-shell which will host seasonal markets and festivals. 

Harvest Village will be a landmark development known for its vibrant atmosphere, a unique place. We are proud to have had the opportunity of collaborating on this innovative design which has been embraced by the City Council who adopted the land use as an Innovative Design Zone. Harvest Village is the first to be adopted under this zoning in the City.