ARFAi takes the COVID-19 pandemic very seriously and we are following the precautions recommended by Alberta Health Services. We are well equipped to support our clients and their business to continue to operate even more effectively than normally by utilizing the many networking resources that we have available to us. Please contact our office by telephone or e-mail in order to discuss the necessary arrangements to ensure that we can effectively arrange meeting demands necessary to your organization. We have also implemented policies to limit the amount of contact our staff have with each other in order to reduce the risk of spreading any possible infection internally at the office and to our clients we support. We continue to operate our business, and endeavor to diligently support our customers given the fluid circumstances of COVID-19.


As a firm with over a 30 year history in Southern Alberta not a day has passed without some interaction with the Coulees. Over time our minds began to wander and we couldn't help but ask; what would a home nestled in the Coulee be like? This design is the culmination of our dream. The Coulee House is inspired by one of the most the unique topographical features of the Southern Alberta landscape. The Coulees snake their way from the mountains to the prairies serving as an oasis for wildlife all along the way. Over time the river at its base has carved out the earth to create a descent characterized by both steep banks and undulating slopes. As a result, the Coulee offers shelter and refreshme

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