Standoff, Alberta

The Kainai Marketplace is the first Supermarket on the Blood Tribe reservation. The Standoff community has long awaited a full-service supermarket that would meet the needs of its residents. The facility offers a comprehensive collection of goods and services and be a welcome alternative to having to travel great distances to secure the same. 

A full-service program for the Marketplace was augmented to accommodate a mezzanine level for community interaction. An elevator was added to allow for the physically challenged and aged to effectively access the upper level which affords the opportunity for programs and classes and to nurture community and cultural interaction. A stage environment has been incorporated into the design, complete with a large screen monitor and is equipped with current technology to maximize the effectiveness of presentations in this environment. 

Details of the site were carefully considered to ensure that everything from product delivery to snow removal would be efficiently managed. Deliveries and solid waste management are handled in the back of the facility separating the “back of house” activities from the public and community access at the front of the Marketplace. 

The overall design of the site and building were laid out with the environment in mind. The landscaping was designed to be drought resistant and incorporate natural grasses and other naturally occurring species and culturally relevant landscaping elements. The exterior of the building was designed with timber gables and columns on a stone base to effectively integrate with the natural setting and to provide an aesthetic that is culturally relevant to the community. The sloping roof at the entrance reduced the scale of the façade, presenting a welcoming environment to arriving clients who enjoy all of the amenities offered by the new facility.