A site along a municipal reserve provided a beautified green strip and a location for the permanent administration offices of the Lethbridge Northern Irrigation District. Being presented with the programming needs, the Client/ Consultant team produced a successful workplace environment, addressing many planning requirements and staff needs. The result is a beautiful, low-maintenance building being enjoyed by all end users. 

John Vandenberg led the design team of board members who attended every design meeting, where the basic footprint experienced minimal deviations from the original chalkboard sketch at their former office. After considering several architectural styles, an appropriate look was selected to transition from the neighboring residential area into the industrial. The result is a combination of form and character of this architectural style. 

Manager, Alan Harold, required finishing specifications that would incur minimal expenses to their maintenance program. This was met with the cementitious fibre reinforced siding and rundlestone façade. The cement tiles on the roof create a unique look; the modified hip roof opens the gable for the upper windows. 

Light flows onto the cathedral ceilings of the main hall, providing a pleasant and inviting entrance. Added ambiance in the lobby area is provided by a water wall feature. Scissor trusses create dynamic ceilings for the remaining staff offices and a partial basement provides the needed storage space for files and records. 

The building program provided ideal solutions for all existing and future needs. The LNID office represents a unique custom building, fulfilling needs on all fronts. It is a well-loved and generous home for their team and associated agencies.

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