Photos by - Hem Das.


Edmonton, Alberta

Omnus Investments Ltd. (OIL) provides Canadians with opportunities in the exempt market or alternative investments. The founders Riki, Brent, Roy, and Avishek have always believed in challenging convention by creating an atmosphere of collaboration rather than competition. Their diversity, experience, and education from engineering to tax structuring for multinationals while creating a sustainable and more efficient environment express the core values at OIL. In 2012, the founders decided to go back to the drawing board and create their new head office in Edmonton. This office would become their primary base of operations while expanding into other provinces.

Riki and Roy’s unique life philosophy inspired the design’s therapeutics, including the use of vivid colours, open spaces, and products with low volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Being intuitively aware of health concerns, the Roys wanted to provide a naturally healthy work environment to their employees and associates.

In keeping with the design philosophy, the architectural programming was arrived at free form, synergized over a cup of rooibos tea. Being longtime friends, the architect and the Roys achieved a sense of energy and momentum, finding its fulfillment in a positive, relaxed, and inspiring work environment.