Rocky View County, Alberta

The Prince of Peace Foundation is associated with the Lutheran Church - Canada, an autonomous Christian synod operating many schools and churches in the province. The non-profit organization was formed to support the operation of Prince of Peace Manor and Harbour, a seniors facility adjacent to the Prince of Peace Church and School. This burgeoning community in Rocky View County, Alberta, is part of a comprehensive Masterplan to develop future residences, a school expansion, commercial real estate, and full spectrum care facilities.

The vision is driven by the mission of the Prince of Peace Foundation, that of creating an environment of Lifelong Learning, Aging in Place, Spiritual Growth, and Community. The building projects and surroundings are designed to enhance this vision; the proposal considers the nuances and values particular to the Faith. A small chapel stands in the centre of the community, surrounded by the proposed condominiums along the waters edge.

Being well-loved by the residents of the Manor, the wildlife marshlands were of primary concern at the planning stage. A thorough wetlands conservation program was established through a Biophysical Assessment and a plan was approved to relocate two of the smaller ponds while enhancing the other shorelines. The result is a beautiful plaza along the water, an attractive environment for residents and visitors. The commercial component along the plaza provides a hub for the greater community, inviting business from the surrounding area. The other ponds remain untouched, providing solace throughout all phases of construction.

Constructing the six storey structures on the marshland presented the consultant team a special engineering challenge. The condos are underpinned by deep pilings, creating usable land for up to 1500 residents. To manage the increased density of the 50 acre site, a triple-pipe water system is planned recycling the domestic water, employing an efficient and sustainable green technology.


The overall plan is the product of many presentations to the County and the Foundation, by which the vision and details were successfully shared. The excitement for the future development is mutual. The architect, engineers, financiers and the jurisdiction, all welcome the solutions and collaboration that is offered.