Atkinson Realty Team Office

Location: Lethbridge, AB

Year: 2020

Status: Complete

Type: Commercial

Client: Courtney Atkinson

Atkinson Realty has demonstrated incredible leadership in the industry. The organization has demonstrated deep commitment to their mission statement “We are Community Builders” and it is evident in all their endeavors. The many philanthropic events that they embrace and engage in prove this commitment and it has been exciting to be invited to many of these events.

When we were approached to provide architectural services for a new home for the facility, we were very honored and embraced the vision to the best of our ability. Given the depth of experience and the knowledge of real estate, Atkinson Realty collaborated with us at a whole new level.  Since the space ultimately housed their dedicated environment which would provide an indicative reflection of who they were and what they stood for the commitment to providing effective input was heightened.  

It became an interesting exercise to try to provide a level of service commensurate with the services that Atkinson Realty provides to the communities and the areas in which services are provided.  Another aspect of the design which was particularly interesting was that the residential suites on the upper floor were for family members. This consideration in combination with the fact that this new office building would create a flagship presence on a high-profile thoroughfare in the City of Lethbridge further inspired us to perform in keeping with the vision put forward by Courtney and Mel.

The full height window façade on 3rd Avenue, a high-profile traffic corridor, creates a transparency of operation in keeping with the welcoming, open, and friendly service provider that Atkinson Realty is. In addition, the full height windows allow for maximum light gain and benefit to spaces deeper within the facility by lending light to these environments.

The design process of working collaboratively and closely with Courtney, Mel, and the team at Atkinson left us exhilarated and excited for their future.

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