2013 04 26 North Ground View
2013 04 26 South Ground View
2013 04 26 South Ground View Zoom
2013 04 29 Montage North-revised
2013 04 29 Montage South 2-revised
RCCD - Central_MKugler - Floor Plan - Base Main Level
RCCD - Central_MKugler - Floor Plan - Base Second Level
RCCD - Central_MKugler - 3D View - Second Floor 3D
RCCD - Central_MKugler - Floor Plan - Base Lower Level
RCCD - Central_MKugler - 3D View - Main Floor 3D
RCCD - Central_MKugler - 3D View - Lower Floor 3D
RCCD - Central_MKugler
RCCD - Central Revised_MKugler


Rocky View County, Alberta

For 50 years, the Damkar family dreamed of leaving a legacy for their beloved community just outside Calgary. The Damkar’s had farmed in the Bearspaw area since 1944, experiencing many setbacks and challenges that they were fortunate to overcome. Their faith instilled in them a deep sense of gratitude, such that they desired to gift a large portion of their land to build a community church. Planning approval for the Rocky View Centre Street Church was secured by Brown & Associates Planning Group Ltd. and Alvin Reinhard Fritz Architect Inc. (ARFAi)Iand now this vision is slated to become a reality.

Having developed the programming for the mother church on Centre Street in Calgary, ARFAi was familiar with the core values, mission, and operational needs. A site on top of an escarpment provided the opportunity for a walkout basement environment with views towards the Bow River and Rocky Mountains. The architectural style is free of church iconography as the building also serves as community available space. The architectural control package follows the existing “Watermark at Bearspaw” Architectural Controls.

The project is scheduled for two phases. Phase One involves the construction of the main auditorium with its circular seating arrangement for 800. Phase Two involves the construction of the gymnasium. The design is suitable to its upscale acreage setting.

A strong neighbourhood association was won over to the development plans with the effort of the entire team. Being a lower density neighbourhood, the community took notable interest in the plans. Through Community Consultation and involvement, a plan and design that was highly desirable was conceived, benefiting all parties for years to come.