Calgary, Alberta

In order to define a distinct Canadian Rocky Mountain architecture, Principal, Alvin Fritz drew inspiration from turn of the century CP Rail Hotels. Fritz previously realized this unique architectural style in working closely with Wes Reinheller, who collaborated with Alvin Reinhard Fritz Architect Inc. (ARFAi) on aesthetic solutions when building a chalet in the Cypress Hills with a similar style. This vision was effectively realized in the attentive detailing of both the exterior and interior of the project. Reinheller’s brother, Dale, worked closely together with ARFAi in carrying the theme throughout the interior, honouring the same Rocky Mountain aesthetic. In 2020, The Telsec Group continues to uphold the original vision by moving the remaining phase to an even higher level through the direction of Dick and Kris Van Grieken and Tina Fitzgerald.

To create an ambience that produces a distinctly Canadian architectural expression, substantial timber was configured to provide structural support for the decks and gables. When juxtaposed with the random-coursed ashlar masonry elements, the resulting interplay between the materials produces an aesthetic which is complimentary, warm, and natural.

At the onset of the project, Fritz provided Wes Reinheller with sketches of the central amenity core. These became the defining aesthetic for this environment. A combined style of the CP Rail Hotel and Arts and Crafts was also expressed throughout the interior.

The most significant element of the central core is a well-appointed stone fireplace with an oversized log mantel and a water-wall feature. The fireplace creates a substantial first impression elevating the entire environment, providing a constant reminder of hearth and home.

The interior design was enthusiastically supported by Dale Reinheller. Furthermore, appropriate furniture was carefully introduced and the resulting experience leaves an indelible impression.

Wrought iron detailing in the railing of the grand winding staircase is balanced with the wrought iron introduced in the stately light fixtures. The wood wainscotting and the stone are expressed anew in the raw timber which makes up the fireplace mantel.

The exterior design is successfully drawn into the interior and the juxtaposition of the natural palette presents an enduring, sumptuous experience. The display of a collection of historic, Canadian timber saws further adds to the combined aesthetic.