Medicine Hat, Alberta

One of our finest adult condominiums in Southern Alberta is located on the South Saskatchewan River in Medicine Hat. The project is ideally located on the northern bank of the river with excellent southern exposure and the grades of the site are such that a microclimate is created in the courtyard produced by the wings of the building. The courtyard and associated microclimate allow for a sheltered courtyard amenity creating short views for the residents that overlook this environment and the U shape courtyard design also ensures that the greatest possible number of suites have views towards the river.

The aesthetic treatment applied to the form and character of the project was one of a New England design including a red brick face, substantive red brick chimneys, white Hardi-Plank cementations fibre-reinforced siding and a “clean roof” ascetic punctuated by multiple dormers. This New England character is ideally suited to the site of the project and has been well received in the Medicine Hat area.

The combination of these exceptional design features makes Sierras of River Ridge highly successful and attractive both ascetically and from a market perspective.

This project was one of the first opportunities in which Medican provided an independent amenity core that is two stories in height and is tied to the balance of the condominium development through a corridor connection. This provides several design opportunities; firstly it isolates the amenity core acoustically so that events and activities are not disruptive to the contiguous suites. Secondly, it makes the amenity core equally available to the bungalows and single-family developments that surround it.