Red Deer, Alberta

In the heart of the beautiful City of Red Deer, Alberta is a heritage site of the Canadian Pacific Railway. The Red Deer Station, constructed in 1891, was patterned after the Lethbridge station by Winnipeg architect Fredrick Crossley. When Medican Construction Ltd. purchased the adjacent site on Taylor Drive, City Council desired the new development take on a historic reminiscence. The result is a high profile and suitable project, one that the City Council has been proud of for many years.

The conical roof is emulated at the entrance of the condominium, the large octagonal space below providing large private deck areas to select units. Substantial facia emulates the massing of the neighbouring building. The unique roof, known as a half-hip, is integrated above the dormers and decks. The characteristic brackets on the lower roof are also integrated into the new building.

These details are integrated into the signature low-rise design developed by Alvin Reinhard Fritz Architect Inc. (ARFAi) and the developer. The condominium boasts all the amenities common to their quality communities. A pool, hot tub, games room, and grand entrance are available to residents. A few long-time residents have taken the property under their personal care. Owners since 2001, Peter and Marion Giesbrecht currently head up the Condo Association.

Next to the residences, the City of Red Deer developed a water feature similar to ARFAi’s proposal. The green space in front of the project displays historic photographs and a historic water fountain. On a sunny day, many young families enjoy the ambiance and delight of this relaxed urban environment.