• Matthew Koutsky

The New Alvin Reinhard Fritz Architect Inc. Website

The new Alvin Reinhard Fritz Architect Inc. (ARFAI) website has been in development since the rebranding of the company 2 years ago. The functionality and aesthetics of the website were carefully considered during the early layout sessions with the design team. It was crucial that the online portfolio be complete and up-to-date to effectively showcase the diversity of the firm.

The new website has been uploaded and is currently active. Over the next few months we will be fine tuning to ensure easy navigation and availability of information. As the creation and management of the website is completely internal, we will be updating the portfolio consistently as projects are completed. A new Instagram feed has been linked to the main page to showcase project status and site visits.

On Thursday January 19, 2017, an eleven part video series on Generative Architecture will premiere on the website. New webisodes will be uploaded every Friday at 8:00am for the next 10 weeks.

Please enjoy the website, and we welcome any comments.

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