Photos by - DeJourdans Photographics c/o Stranville Living, and Alvin Reinhard Fritz Architect Inc.

Active in the real estate and building sectors, the Stranville Group actively diversifies its product in their new home builds. Against the backdrop of the traditional Craftsman style homes, the Stranville House is a departure from popular single family home designs. The project is a fresh collaboration between the developer and architect in a sector characterized by repetitive floor plans and standard layouts. The Stranville House represents a unique architectural alternative to the custom homes market.

Marked by its bold Mondrian color pallet, the modern design contrasts the monochromatic earthtones in the neighborhood. The spacious interiors are finished with light colors, enhancing the well lit rooms. The custom staircase maintains the openness of the plan, borrowing light from the windows on the second floor. The casework and detail maintains the minimalist style with its absence of ornamentation.

The design takes advantage of the unique lot. The lot has the benefit of both the coulee’s edge and the unobstructed lake across the street. Views can be enjoyed from one of the large decks, providing a beautiful ambiance for social activities. The final space is an idyllic environment for recreation and relaxation.

The Stranville House is an example of successful modern architecture in the homebuilding industry. A welcome addition to available product, the Stranville House caters to a demographic of professionals with an appreciation for modern art and design.

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