Winnipeg, Manitoba

“The Legend at Creek Bend” backs onto an elbow in the beautiful Seine River and graces St. Anne’s Road in Winnipeg Manitoba. The developer, Irwin Homes, “pride themselves on listening to and understanding their client needs.” This vision is in keeping with the mission statement of Alvin Reinhard Fritz Architect Inc. (ARFAi). “Collaborating to Create Inspired Architectural Environments”. This collaborative spirit has created a project which responds optimally to the housing needs in the Winnipeg area.


The project is laid out U-shaped with the open end of the “U” focused on the Seine River. This provides the courtyard amenity environment with a wonderful connection to the Seine River Valley by way of its walking trails and allows the building to embrace its natural setting.


The exterior of the building was designed to be reminiscent of the chalet and was fortuitously embellished with a Tyndall stone finish which is quarried in Tyndall, Manitoba, not far from Winnipeg. The proximity of the quarry made the Tyndall Stone a viable option and has enhanced the building by providing a warm, inviting, and enduring stone base which varies in height from one, two and three stories providing articulation and interest.


The interior is a vision of style and grandeur; the building amenities are beautifully appointed and include a fitness room, sauna, games area, multi-purpose room, and a spacious lobby complete with a grand curving staircase and lounging areas focused on a stone fireplace providing a hearth and a warm sense of home.  The design has been described as elegant and timeless, appropriate to its name