Calgary, Alberta

The Wentworth Manor is one of the first Assisted-Living projects in Alberta. The project was envisioned in collaboration with the Brenda Strafford Foundation which had purchased a site between Sarcee Trail and Costello Blvd. at 17th Avenue in Southwest Calgary. The site had considerable grade rising from Sarcee westward providing design challenges which were made even more interesting as a result of a planning mandate requiring the architect to ensure that views to the Calgary Tower were maintained for residents who lived on the escarpment west of Costello Boulevard. Careful survey drawings were prepared demonstrating that the geodetic design elevation of the ridge of the building honoured these views, and the building was then constructed to precisely these dimensions.

Of key interest during the design of the project was the need to ensure that the spatial relationships and geometry of the building would support a viable business plan. The Brenda Strafford Foundation, established in 1975, had considerable experience with past projects and as a result defined this mandate. This mandate, in conjunction with the site constraints, resulted in a star shaped building with corridors that converge on a central nurse’s station such that supervision could be managed with a minimum staff contingent in perpetuity. This geometry has demonstrated success since the building was constructed. Initially developed to accommodate 105 suites, the project opened in Calgary on September 1, 1996. The success of the geometry and the functionality of the space, in conjunction with the excellent care provided by the Brenda Strafford foundation, paved the way for Wentworth Manor “The Court”, which added 113 beds in a combined Continuing Care and Assisted Living Environment which opened on November 29, 2000.

The architecture of the Wentworth Manor was designed to accommodate an “Aging in Place” philosophy of care. Programs offered to support this philosophy and accommodated within the built environment include supported retirement living, assisted living, and long-term care.