Collaborating to Passionately Create Inspired Architectural Environments


The Firm

Established in 1989 to meet the demand for architectural services in Southern Alberta Alvin Reinhard Fritz Architect Inc. (ARFAi) and provides comprehensive architectural services for  projects in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, as well as across Alberta's landscape.​

ARFAi’s main production office is located in the Coach House adjacent to The Norland Historic Estate, east of Lethbridge, Alberta. These grounds provide the idyllic landscape for the staff to produce their highest and most creative work.

Design Approach

Our objective is to design facilities that are more than the client, or we could have envisioned independently. The client and the architect should inspire potentialities in each other such that their collaboration results in a project which exceeds their individual conceptions and expectations. We believe that it is essential for the specific users of the proposed facility to have detailed and complete input in their respective areas and that the client contributes to the design to the greatest extent possible.

We encourage detailed input from our respective clients and their user groups to identify our Architectural Program as closely as possible. Comprehensive Architectural and Functional Programming is provided, as required, as an essential component in the development of every project. One of the firm’s strengths is the ability to readily produce models, photographs, and perspective renderings for our clients.  These presentation techniques are utilized for promotion and describe the proposed buildings in detail, so the client is fully aware of and satisfied with the project well in advance of construction.

Cost estimation is an essential component of the design process. The assessment of the feasibility of proposed budgets and the design of efficient cost-saving building systems are standard procedure.


We provide a high-tech, fully equipped, highly connected design office. All correspondence is archived digitally with small and large format scanners. Continually upgraded, state-of-the-art computer hardware and software facilitate cutting edge Building Information Modeling (BIM).

ARFAi has been a leader in three-dimensional drafting software since 2003. This is especially valuable as the consultant team can benefit from clear delineation of the three-dimensional opportunities of the space. This approach has demonstrated effective management of many complex projects that benefit our Clients and end users. These advancements have transformed the way construction data is collected, connected, visualized, managed, and this includes cloud-based software and mobile technologies.


New technology and software is continually being adopted by ARFAi as they emerge.