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Changing Landscapes for over 30 years!

Alvin Reinhard Fritz Architect Inc. (ARFAi) is an architectural firm providing professional consulting services to a diverse clientele on a broad spectrum of building types. Our objective is to design facilities that are more than we or the client could have envisioned independently. The Client and the architect should inspire potentialities in each other such that their collaboration results in a project which exceeds their individual conceptions and expectations. We believe that it is essential for the specific users of the proposed facility to have a detailed and complete input in their respective areas and that the client contributes to the design to the greatest extent possible.


We encourage detailed input from our respective clients and their user groups in order to identify with our Architectural Program as closely as possible. Our objective is to design facilities that are more than the client or we could have envisioned independently.

to Passionately

The employees of ARFAi are passionate about what they do. As the firm’s greatest resource and asset, our employees share the high standards of the firm and also assume the vision of the clientele. Positive morale and mutual respect provide an effective working environment conducive to creativity and prolific production. 


Photographs, 3D Models, and prospective renderings are some of the firm’s best strengths and can be readily provided. These presentation techniques are utilized for promotion and describe the proposed buildings in comprehensive detail, so the client is fully aware of and satisfied with their project well in advance of construction. ARFAi has been a leader in three-dimensional drafting software since 2003 and remains on the cutting edge of new technology.


To be a part of the inception of a dream gives meaning to every workday and adds value to the job, giving projects energy beyond what any single person could produce. 

Architectural Environments

Architecture has the privilege and responsibility of directly affecting the lives of billions of people every day. Architecture’s challenge is not to create more elaborate and impressive buildings, but the creation of human environments that potentialize every human life. These spaces must foster the possibility for everyone, including the aged and those with varying degrees of accessibility. 


After 30 years of creating inspired architectural environments, ARFAi continues to take pride in its past projects. Many wonderful clients and institutions have collaborated with ARFAi to envision these spaces. It is infinitely rewarding to contribute to people’s lives in such a long-term, tangible way. 

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