Aerial Animation

“A picture is worth 1000 words, an animation is worth a million.” - Al Fritz

See and feel your project with realistic elevations and animations throughout the design process so you can make informed, practical decisions.

Real-world animations built with data-based modeling

ARFAi uses lidar scanning to create fine 3D scans of your space that are accurate within 0.2 mm. These scans are used to create realistic aerial animations so you see your project in your world, whether you’re building a small addition to your home, a single-storey commercial property, or a large skyscraper.



Lidar scanning can be completed virtually, which means ARFAi’s surveying team doesn’t need to be onsite to measure your property. Trust our team to conduct accurate scans without interrupting your schedule so you can get your project completed faster.

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Aerial animations help you engage with your project as your design unfolds, giving you the opportunity to experience it in real-time and ensure there aren’t any unwanted surprises along the way. Reach out to our team to learn more about how your project can benefit from aerial animations and expert design.