Birds of Prey Centre

Location: Coaldale, AB

Year: Ongoing

Status: In Progress

Type: Recreational

Client: Colin Weir

Over the years we’ve had several opportunities to contribute in design and collaborate with Colin Weir, working at a high level and believing for an incredibly bright future. We have recognized a visionary, entrepreneurial spirit that, given the opportunity, could readily make the entire region an international destination and an enviable outcome to so many counterparts in other parts of the world.

Close collaboration with Colin Weir and his organization allowed us to design a very exciting canopy for the constantly developing owl program.  Owls are particularly sensitive too bright sunshine and very fortuitously we were at a place in the technological development of the necessary software in our firm that we could readily analyze the azimuth angles of the sun so that the  birds would always be in shadow during display periods. This was further complicated by the grade elevations in the area of the site dedicated to the facility which were selected to provide for an amphitheater trying to utilize the natural grades.

Master planning has taken place at multiple levels trying to anticipate the future requirements of Birds of Prey. Slated for the future of the facility are multiple exciting ventures which include a sustainable multipurpose facility which would also have a housing component, multiple aviary’s and eventually a vision for the largest aviary in the world.   ARFAi is privileged to be involved on the ground floor of such limitless opportunity.  We look forward to providing aggressive and forward thinking architectural expertise In close collaboration with Birds of Prey believing that it can positively impact the entire region.

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