Boardwalk Broadway Centre

Location: Calgary, AB

Year: 2019

Status: Complete

Type: Multi-Family

Client: Boardwalk

In an era when sustainability and a reduced carbon footprint are becoming vitally important, Alvin Reinhard Fritz Architect Ince. (ARFAi) has responded by enthusiastically embracing building renovation which is one of the most effective means of conserving energy and minimizing the amount of negative impact on our planet. When Boardwalk presented ARFAi with the opportunity to engage in the redesign of Beltline Towers into the new Broadway Centre, we recognized the positive social impact and the importance of the project in establishing a much-needed precedent of renewal in the City of Calgary.

Current real estate costs have become so prohibitive that many individuals who are trying to establish a seminal home at central locations within the community are prevented from realizing their aspirations. It was refreshing to realize that a well-appointment renovation could be instrumental in providing this opportunity. We were also very pleased that Boardwalk identified this project as an affordable luxury brand. It was very energizing to be tasked with developing an aesthetically superior product which could still be attainable by many of the younger generation trying to establish themselves in the heart of the City.

A third value, which we recognized at the onset, was that this project would breathe new life into an area of the City of Calgary that had become dilapidated and undesirable. At ARFAi, we believe that effective infill architecture and renovations can dramatically and favourably impact the community in which they are located, initiating a renewal where the positive influences in the microcosmic culture overwhelm the negative and wholesome living is spawned.

Upon initial examination, it was evident that the structural framework was in good condition and merited the pending renovation work. Once the project was effectively documented, we were pleased to have the opportunity of working in collaboration with Paul Lavoie Interior Design in developing a contemporary design aesthetic that would redefine the building into the award-winning project that it has become.

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