Centre Street Church Main Campus

Location: Calgary, AB

Year: 2023

Status: Completed

Type: Places of Worship

Client: Centre Street Church

in 2018, Centre Street Church, with 110,000 sq. ft. of operational facility space, was experiencing ongoing growth and was in need of additional campus space. The ministry areas in greatest need of additional space when the design process commenced were children's ministry (regrettably turning away children on a regular basis), ongoing needs in the areas of youth, young adults and families, as well as special needs. In 2013, a New Canadian Friendship Centre had been initiated and in 2015 a compassionate ministry, Centre for the City, gave further rise to additional space needs. In response to these needs, a 90,000 sq. ft. addition was designed for the northwest corner of the site where a grassed area had been preplanned for expansion, facilitating enhanced site stewardship with this added density attributed to the existing land mass.

The building is designed to ensure an economy of scale by developing a vertical plan consisting of a multi-purpose/gymnasium space over a fellowship hall which will serve as a children's ministry gathering space. This will provide for the full variety of ministry needs from youth and young adults to New Canadians and Centre for the City. Four storeys of breakout spaces along the western edge of the new development will serve as Christian Education space accommodating the needs of a plethora of ministries. A fifth floor of undeveloped space, over all but the gymnasium, is preplanned to accommodate the administrative department; freeing up even more space for ministry use.

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