Courtyard Health & Dental Centre

Location: Medicine Hat, AB

Year: 1994

Status: Complete

Type: Commercial

Client: Dr. Kirk Ewasechko and Donald Fisher

In 1993 a dentist, Dr. Kirk Ewasechko, and a Lawyer, Donald Fisher, worked together to envision a new facility which would house their respective practices. Alvin Reinhard Fritz Architect Inc. was called upon to provide prime consulting services. Multiple interviews of all of the end users formed the architectural program and design concept.

After the unique massing of two “U” shaped building components around a central courtyard was established, the finishes were determined. A special run of brick by the local IXL brick plant called “Centennial” had been utilized in the Courthouse expansion. This same brick was selected to create the historic ambience which blended the project successfully with its environment. Detailing of the masonry also took into account the aesthetically pleasing lines of the Courthouse, emulating the historic style of this neighbouring landmark.

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