Inglewood Retirement Residence

Location: Red Deer, AB

Year: 2009

Status: Complete

Type: Senior Living

Client: Symphony Senior Living

Designed to accommodate a diverse and multifaceted ‘Age in Place’ community, Inglewood is being successfully managed by an organization which embraces the European model of care as an integral part of every senior’s life. The project is designed with a four-storey component housing independent living and a one-storey component housing the higher level of care facilities. The one-storey component encircles a dynamic courtyard designed to capture the sun which, in the shelter created by the four-storey, creates an effective microclimate extending the shoulder seasons and allowing the residents the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors for greater period of time. The enclosure created by the courtyard walls allows residents with a propensity for elopement to enjoy the outdoor environment without risk.

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