Kingsland Junction

Location: Calgary, AB

Year: 2020

Status: Complete

Type: Multi-Family

Client: Trico

The project is designed as a multifaceted housing complex which also incorporates a component of commercial amenity and office space. The site is also organized around an existing park site which has been relocated to a preferred location on the south west corner of the site so that it can be readily enhanced. Kingsland has also matured to the point where an effective and diverse housing contingent is welcome. This development provides this diverse housing environment from single bedroom to multiple bedroom suites. The building amenity areas accommodate a Kitchen, Dining Room, Private Dining, Bistro, Lounge, Outdoor Patio, as well as many recreational amenities including a Fitness Room, Theatre, Salon, Treatment Rooms, Library, Multi-Purpose Studio, Wood Shop, Wine Making Studio, and other similar support spaces. The primary amenities of this building are designed to be accommodated on the main floor adjacent to the outdoor patio and the park environment.


Building one consists of a six-story residential apartment building which has been rotated such that the parking area of the site addresses McLeod Trail. The building is designed to create an urban interface with the building to the south of 78th Avenue. Attractive deck environments link the suites with the street.


Building two is designed as an apartment building with main floor commercial and amenity space. The commercial spaces are located on a high-profile location off of the Macleod Trail and as such become an attractive feature. The grade level floor is designed with transparency through the main level drawing traffic through and around the building into the park environment.


Building three is designed to accommodate a flagship office environment for Trico. The bottom two stories which house the Trico Administrative Office environment as well as a fitness centre on the main floor are designed as an attractive commercial center. The upper four stories above these two commercial floors are designed to accommodate residential apartment suites.

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