Medicine Hat Christian School

Location: Medicine Hat, AB

Year: 2012

Status: Complete

Type: Educational

Client: Medicine Hat Christian School

The Medicine Hat Christian School has undertaken several additions in the last 2-15years. Alvin Reinhard Fritz Architect Inc. was privileged to design the most recent addition to the north of the existing school that was initiated to meet the need for a larger library, a kitchen, and change rooms next to the gymnasium. The design process involved looking at the long term needs of the school and creating a design with two phases to accomplish the school’s goals. Phase 1 involved the addition of the library, kitchen and change rooms. The design of the roof above these rooms allowed for a mezzanine level to be accommodated in phase 2 where new bleachers for the gym would be added. In phase 1, the windows for phase 2 were framed in with rough openings and the structure was designed to support the load of the future mezzanine level. Phase 2 also included a new exterior façade on the gymnasium to match the exterior finishes on phase 1.

The budget for this project was low and Alvin Reinhard Fritz Architect Inc. were tasked to be creative in the design and throughout the construction process to keep the project on budget. By working closely with the client, consultants, planning officials, and contractors, Alvin Reinhard Fritz Architect Inc. was able to keep the cost for this project at a minimum even with additional costs incurred by unforeseen existing building construction and site conditions.

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