Murray Residence

Location: Medicine Hat, AB

Year: 2000

Status: Complete

Type: Single-Family

Client: Paul & Kim Murray

Located in the country, just south of the City of MedicineHat, is the beautiful residence of Paul & Kim Murray. The site was analyzed for the best possible views and outdoor environments, and the spaces were laid out to respond to the natural setting. On such an investment as this family heirloom, it was imperative that close collaboration was realized to ensure the Murray’s would have a custom home to perfectly suit their lifestyle. Kim had very strong ideas of character of the home and how the spaces should relate and function. By contributing Alvin Fritz’s professional expertise, Paul &Kim’s vision became reality. Paul had grown up in an historic home in Brandon, Manitoba, so the warmth and feel of a historic style was incorporated to capture the ambiance and feel of his family home. Even some of the spatial details, such as a hospitality washroom under the staircase, were emulated.

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