One Life Church

Location: Lethbridge, Alberta

Year: 2018

Status: Completed

Type: Places of Worship

Client: One Life Church

In order to create an inviting environment, it is important that the entrance to a church be designed to be prominent and welcoming. At One Life Church the entrance is on a high-profile corner out of the wind and is provided with a canopy to afford guests protection from the elements. In addition to the canopy, the Church also has an entrance vestibule protecting the foyer from the cold Alberta winters. This prominent and inviting entrance, providing the comforts necessary for a good arrival experience, tells guests and visitors they are important and welcome at One Life Church.

Often churches, due to budgetary constraints, have limited vertical accessibility. Effective stewardship allowed for a well appointed elevator which facilitates access to the lower level and the mezzanine ensuring that all members can be readily accommodated. This focus on marginalized members of our Community further speaks to the warmth and acceptance imbued in the architecture. Warm and inviting yet durable finishes were implemented in the interior design. The Church Building Committee, in collaboration with ARFAi, carried the same warm feeling from the exterior of the building to the interior creating a cohesive design expression which speaks to the missional objectives of the Church.

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