Rinaldi Residence

Location: Medicine Hat, AB

Year: 2007

Status: Complete

Type: Historic Restoration

Client: Brent and Edith Rinaldi

Brent and Edith Rinaldi, in collaboration with ARFAi, have created a masterpiece by restoring and renovating their historic residence on the river. From gilded cornice, to marble and granite floors, this historic mansion provides commensurate spaces to accommodate their exquisite art, sculpture, and historic furniture collection.

When ARFAi was engaged to expand the residence to the south, it was logical to open up the historic home by engaging the River Valley. A glazed wall the full width of the home opens up the living environment to the beauty of its natural setting punctuated by a rhythm of columns. The overhang to the south with its iconic colonnade is perfectly calibrated to the azimuth angles of the sun. In conjunction with the full summer foliage, the overhang keeps out the hot summer sun while allowing the winter sun to penetrate through the filter of branches providing optimal light for all seasons.

The spectacular kitchen environment provides for gourmet opportunities open to the sculpture gallery and River Valley beyond. A machined stainless steel and beveled glass railing provides access to the lower level with unprecedented elegance. The lower level is a continuation of the art collection augmented by a collection of bicycles, another of Brent's passions.

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