Saskatoon Full Gospel

Location: Saskatoon, SK

Year: 2015

Status: Complete

Type: Places of Worship

Client: Full Gospel Church

A notable part of Saskatchewan's heritage is formation of the Apostolic Church of Pentecost Canada. Their affiliated churches in the province were founded by th evangelist O.J. Lovick; one who attributed his healing to the prayers of the renowned Smith Wigglesworth. The Saskatoon mission of 1924 became the catalyst for what has now become Sakatoon Full Gospel Church. From these first revival meetings in rented halls, the congregation of Sakatoon Full Gospel Church eventually acquired an unused school building where their regular meetings could continue.

The school provided the community a home for many years, and under the guidance of the Apostle Reverend Terry Noel, the church began a program of building a new facility. The site, being a school yard, provided many options about which the neighbourhood of Churchill Gardens was consulted. This eventually materialized into a proposal to subdivide the site for a neighbouring condominium, making the building program viable. The result is a well developed plan to construct two beautified environments through which the surrounding community is benefited in years to come.

The plan for the Church facility is a product of the programming outlined by the church constituents. It is suitable for large scale meetings and events, equipped with an auditorium and gymnasium. This multi-use space is equipped with full catering facilities. The spacious entrances provide a centralized flow, simplifying traffic for the simultaneously occurring programs. The layout is an ideal solution for the expansion plans. These plans include a media production facility developed through international partnerships.

Community Consultation provided the opportunity for all three parties to work together, proving a win-win design all around. By providing the appropriate platform, mutuality was achieved and synergy was activated. The future of these relationships continues to breathe life into the subdivision of Saskatoon; Churchill Gardens remains a beautiful and healthful place to live.

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