Southlands Attainable Housing

Location: Medicine Hat, AB

Year: 2012

Status: Complete

Type: Multi-Family

Client: City of Medicine Hat

The City of Medicine Hat, via an RFP, required new attainable housing to be provided within the city limits. All the main floor units are either wheelchair accessible or adaptable in order to fully integrate low income residents into the community.

The design in relation to the site context resembles duplex accommodation in scale, form, site layout and materials. There is a connecting link at main floor providing amenity accommodation (small laundry, rental office, mechanical room, and lounge area). Additionally, the main floor suites feature semi-private patios connected with a central corridor, feature private balconies, and offer access to the sidewalk. On the second floor the units also share a public balcony that overlooks the adjacent roadway. In the rear of the property a parking lot and playground structure is located for residents to use.

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