Sunset Waterfront Resort

Location: Kelowna, BC

Year: 2006

Status: Complete

Type: Multi-Family


Marketed as Canada’s finest property between Calgary and Vancouver, Sunset Waterfront Resort has been designed to the highest standards with oversized windows to capture the breathtaking views overlooking the Okanagan Lake, downtown Kelowna and across to West Kelowna. The building is finished in extremely durable materials to stand the test of time at this lakefront location. While it also houses permanent residents, Sunset Waterfront Resort has become Kelowna’s most requested vacation property lending support to the project’s claim to excellence. The unique stepping design maximizes the views from each of the respective suites adding further credence to its marketability.

The project includes a full list of amenities including indoor and outdoor swimming pools, hot tubs, sauna, and fitness rooms. The upper level outdoor courtyard houses the spacious sundeck, an additional swimming pool and hot tub and two full-size tennis courts.

The City of Kelowna Planning Department had established a maximum height of 16 stories for this district. One of the Architect’s first assignments was to secure a Development Permit to accommodate 21 stories. This was made possible through a ”Direct Control ” designation which tied the land-use to the details of the architectural design which was ultimately unanimously supported at a Public Hearing on the basis of the excellence demonstrated in the design.

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