Kingsland Junction - Living Well

Location: Calgary, AB

Year: 2022

Status: Complete

Type: Senior Living

Client: Trico

These buildings host a comprehensive seniors housing facility allowing residents with in the development to “age in place.” The site is organized around a beautiful park, readily accessible on the south west corner of the site.

Kingsland has matured as a community and now benefits greatly from an upgraded park environment. This building strategically facilitates the CPTED principles ensuring eyes on the park mitigating incidents within the park. A well-kept park with exciting amenities, this new environment will actively contribute in the community of Kingsland.

This Building is designed to accommodate a seniors housing environment, with also provides an assisted/supportive living component. The project comprises 121 Independent Adult Living suites, 128 Supportive Living suites with 24 of those suites designed for SL4D care.

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