Eaux Claires Extendicare

Location: Edmonton, AB

Year: 2011

Status: Complete

Type: Senior Living

Client: Extendicare

This Facility provides accommodation for 180 residents based on the household concept of small manageable clusters for residents. This allows Extendicare to provide specialized care for dementia patients. A critical aspect of nursing care in architectural design is to ensure that the environment can be managed and maintained with a reasonable contingent of staff thereby ensuring its viability. Fifteen back-to-back unit households were designed for the project with shared “back of house”. This allows for an intimate, non-institutional setting where residents take their meals in small groups and interrelate on a per household basis while still permitting staff to circulate between households. The three storey steel frame building is comprised of two courtyard elements connected by a central “Main Street” which houses communal activity spaces, bistro, community rooms and administration areas. A partial basement area is used for staff support areas, main kitchen, storage and building services. This project was designed by Alvin Reinhard Fritz Architect Inc, and built by Medican Construction, under the management of Glenn Martin, Project Manager, retained by Extendicare.

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